Brazilian Blowout Treatment

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Brazilian Blowout Treatment Options

Frizz-Free, Shiny, Effortlessly Manageable Hair

Color Splash Hair Studio offers multiple Brazilian Blowout Treatment Options to get your hair under control. With results lasting up to 12 weeks, Brazilian Blowout turns frizzy, damaged, and hard to manage hair into smooth, healthy, easy to work with locks.


Using an exclusive technology and a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex, we can effectively smooth and seal your hair cuticle. This treatment is fully customizable to give you the perfect curl/wave or to get the sleekest result possible. These treatments can be done in as few as 80 minutes.


We recommend getting a Brazilian Blowout Treatment once every 9 – 12 weeks. This ensures you continue to eliminate frizz, protects against hair damage and cuts daily styling time in half for any and every hair type and texture..

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Results From Brazilian Blowout Treatments

Frizz-Free Hair

This treatment will provide you with flawlessly free-free hair. Tackle that humidity with ease after getting a Brazilian Blowout Treatment.

Naturally Straight Hair

If you have wavy hair, our Brazilian Blowout treatment will make your hair appear naturally straight and super healthy!

Radiant Shine

This treatment leaves guests with a perfect radiant shine in their hair. You’ll have no need to add an extra product to achieve that beautiful look.

Effortlessly Manageable Hair

You will still be the option to wear hair curly or wavy (depending on the hair type), while still having plenty of body and bounce!

Reduced Hair Drying Time

Tired of spending all that time drying your hair? This will give you the freedom to blow dry hair, smooth, and straighten in a fraction of the time!

Long Lasting Results

The Brazilian Blowout will last for 9 – 12 weeks. You will need to use the Açai After-Care Maintenance products to ensure these results last as long as possible. Plus the more treatments you get, the longer the result will last!

Straight Hair from Brazilian Blowout Treatments near Virgina Beach, VA - Color Splash Hair Studio

Available for All Hair Types & Conditions

Your Hair, Manageable & Under Control

Brazilian Blowout Treatments can be done on all types of hair. These treatments are perfect for all hair textures and styles. If you have super tight curls, this will help minimize frizz and enhance the curls!


Brazilian Blowout Treatments actually works best on chemically treated hair, so if you have colored hair or a previous relaxer or straightener, no problem! This treatment helps improve your hair’s condition by bonding each strand with essential amino acids. You can even get a Brazilian Blowout the same day as a hair color as long as the color service is performed first.