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Haircut Options For All Lengths, Styles, & Ages

Color Splash Hair Studio offers multiple haircut options. From kids to adults, curly or straight, we have got a haircut option to fit your needs.

All of our haircut services start with a detailed, complimentary consultation to truly understand your vision, hair struggles, and lifestyle. We take your experience to the next level with a head wash and style. You will walk out of the salon looking and feeling your best!

Top Hair Salon For Short, Medium, and Long Haircuts in Chesapeake & Virginia Beach

Short, Medium, & Long Length Haircuts

Every visit is a top-tier experience, whether you’re a first-time guest or a valued regular. Each haircut begins with an in-depth conversation to align with your hair aspirations, explore various haircut styles and pricing, and consider the upkeep associated with your personalized cut.

Short Haircuts: Seeking a fashionable, low-maintenance short style? Our skilled stylists are here to help. We collaborate with you to craft a look that flatters your facial structure, matches your hair type, and fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

Medium Haircuts: For those sporting shoulder-length tresses, we provide medium haircuts that blend style with ease of care. Whether you’re eyeing a timeless bob, a layered look, or something more modern, our stylists are equipped to bring your vision to life.

Long Haircuts: Make a statement with long, flowing locks. Our team is adept at creating stunning long hairstyles that enhance your natural attributes and suit your way of life. We offer everything from sleek, blunt cuts to dynamic layered designs, tailored to your personal style.

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Barber Style Haircuts

Top Barber For Clipper Cuts and Fades in Chesapeake, VA
Mens Clipper Haircuts For Fades in Chesapeake VA

At Color Splash Hair Studio, we specialize in barber-style haircuts that blend classic techniques with modern flair. Our skilled barbers are experts in crafting precise, clean cuts that suit your individual style, from timeless fades to sharp, contemporary looks.

We ensure each client leaves with a haircut that not only looks great but also fits their personality and lifestyle, making every visit to Color Splash Hair Studio a unique experience.

Curly Haircut and Devacut Salon in Chesapeake, VA

Curly Haircuts & Devacuts

At Color Splash Hair Studio, we take pride in our specialization in Devacuts, a cutting-edge technique specifically designed for curly hair. Our expert stylists are trained in this unique method, which involves cutting the hair in its natural, dry state, allowing us to precisely shape each curl and craft a haircut that enhances the natural pattern and texture of your curls.

We understand that curly hair is distinct and requires a tailored approach, and our focus is on delivering a personalized haircut that not only looks stunning but also celebrates the beauty and individuality of your curls.

Whether you have loose waves or tight ringlets, our Devacut service ensures that your curls are treated with the care and expertise they deserve, leaving you with a hairstyle that is as unique and vibrant as you are.

Haircuts for Kids and Teens

At Color Splash Hair Studio, we know that haircuts for kids and teens can sometimes be overwhelming. To combat this, we’ve created an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere for your child’s haircut experience. Our seasoned stylists are gentle and proficient in handling young clients, making sure they depart with a haircut they’re excited about.

Kids Haircuts: Recognizing the hurdles that can come with trimming a child’s hair, we provide haircuts that are both entertaining and customized to each child’s specific requirements. Our team of stylists is not only patient but also seasoned in catering to children of various ages, ensuring a pleasant haircutting experience.

Hair Salon in Chesapeake, VA for Kids Haircuts and Teen Haircuts

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