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At Color Splash Hair Studio, we recognize the incredible impact that a new hair color can have. Whether you're aiming for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic makeover, our skilled colorists are dedicated to helping you realize your hair color goals. Our services encompass a comprehensive range of coloring techniques, including complete color changes, root touch-ups, toner glazes, color correction, vibrant hues, and more.

We are committed to providing only the finest for our clients. That’s why we choose top-tier hair color brands like Kerastase and Redken, ensuring your hair not only looks fantastic but feels healthy and vibrant. We also feature the cutting-edge Brazilian Blowout Bond Builder, a treatment that safeguards and fortifies your hair during the coloring process, maintaining its health and luster. Our professional colorists collaborate with you to craft a hair color that truly reflects your unique style and personality.

Our dedication to outstanding service means every client receives individualized care and leaves feeling their absolute best. Schedule your appointment today and discover the unique experience that Color Splash Hair Studio offers!

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All Over Color Services

We specialize in All Over Color services, a popular choice for those looking to achieve a uniform and complete color change. Our expert colorists use advanced techniques and high-quality products to ensure even, long-lasting coverage that transforms your look.

Ideal for anyone seeking a fresh, new hair color, our All Over Color service provides a stunning, vibrant hue from roots to ends, guaranteeing a flawless and striking appearance. With a focus on healthy hair, we use industry-leading brands known for their gentle and effective formulas, ensuring your hair’s integrity is maintained.

Whether you’re dreaming of a rich brunette, a radiant blonde, or a bold unconventional color, Color Splash Hair Studio is your destination for professional All Over Hair Color services. Book your appointment today and let us elevate your style with a perfect all-over shade that suits your personality and enhances your natural beauty.

Grey Coverage Hair Color Options

At Color Splash Hair Studio, we understand the unique needs of those seeking to cover or blend grey hair. Our Grey Cover Hair Color options are meticulously tailored to provide seamless, natural-looking results.

Whether you’re looking to completely cover greys or prefer a subtle blending that embraces your natural hair evolution, our skilled colorists are experts in selecting the perfect shades and techniques to achieve your desired look. Utilizing top-of-the-line color products, we ensure a gentle application that not only camouflages greys but also enhances the overall health and shine of your hair.

Our approach is to create a look that feels authentic and rejuvenates your appearance, aligning with your individual style and preferences. Trust Color Splash Hair Studio to offer sophisticated and satisfying solutions for all your grey coverage needs, leaving you with a renewed sense of confidence and a refreshed, vibrant hair color.

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Advanced Color Services

In Salon Consultation Required

Corrective Colors

Color Splash Hair Studio offers specialized Corrective Color services, expertly crafted to rectify any hair color errors, be it overly brassy tones, excessively dark shades, or results that didn’t meet your expectations. To begin, we conduct a thorough in-salon consultation where our experienced colorists evaluate the condition of your hair and discuss the optimal strategy to correct the color. During this consultation, we also provide a precise estimate of the cost and time required for your service. Our team is committed to devising a tailored plan that specifically targets your hair color concerns, ensuring that when you leave Color Splash, you do so with a renewed sense of confidence and a hair color that truly reflects your desired look.

Vivid Colors

Vivid Color services at Color Splash Hair Studio are ideal for those seeking a striking, attention-grabbing hair color that truly showcases their individuality and fashion sense. To begin, we offer an in-salon consultation with our expert colorists, where we evaluate the condition of your hair and decide on the best approach for your vibrant transformation. This consultation also includes a precise quote for both the cost and time required. Depending on the complexity of the desired color, the process may be completed in a single visit or might require multiple appointments. Our skilled colorists excel in crafting vivid, durable hair colors that stand out, utilizing only premium products and methods to maintain your hair’s health and integrity.

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Why Choose Color Splash For Hair Color Services

Educated Team

Committed to being at the forefront of the latest fashion trends and techniques, our team at Color Splash Hair Studio continually engages in ongoing education and training. This dedication ensures that our talented stylists in Chesapeake, VA, are equipped to offer you cutting-edge, bespoke hair color services, reflecting the highest level of skill and personalization.

Safe Space For All

we provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for every guest, irrespective of their age, gender, or expression. Our pricing is gender-neutral, ensuring fairness and equality for all, and our staff is consistently trained to create a hospitable and respectful atmosphere for everyone who visits.

Consistent Results

We recognize the value of delivering consistent and impeccable hair color outcomes. Our skilled team of colorists is dedicated to ensuring every client receives exceptional service and meticulous attention during each visit. Rely on us to consistently surpass your expectations!

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